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The Harrowing is a continuation of my previous campaigns; Harkenwold and Grave Secrets. They are set in the Heroes of Might and Magic III multiverse, and I have used modules from both Wizards of the Coast (D&D 4E) and Paizo (Pathfinder RPG) as groundwork for the campaigns.

The story began with a group of four adventurers; Gordaar (Human Paladin), Shana (Aasimar Cleric), Eben (Samsaran Wizard) and Tybalt (Half-orc Rogue) who were tasked with freeing the regent lord of Harkenwold. The ruler had been imprisoned by the Iron Circle, a group of brigands who were terrorizing the locals. Our heroes rescued a lady from Iron circle tax collectors, dispatched a tribe of bullywugs, robbed an Iron Circle cart and massacred Iron Circle members in a tavern. Their next task was to recruit a band of elves to fight a civil war against the Iron Circle. In return the elves demanded the adventurers neutralize a necromancer. This is where it get’s complicated.

The necromancer was the one who had tasked our adventurers with freeing the regent lord to begin with, he was Lord Markelhay. Instead of fighting, he offered them a chance to join him take over Harkenwold. Gordaar, the paladin, refused. But he was betrayed by his apprentice Shana, who had been corrupted by toying with the Iron Circle. The others reveled at the idea of a change in management, and thus he was overruled. He fought against Markelhay alone, but it was for naught, his mind was enslaved and his heart blackened. The idea was simply to cause as much death as possible in the civil war to amass an undead army.

In the next installment, Grave Secrets, Lord Markelhay tasked our adventurers with collecting three artifacts. He convinced a sorcerer named Gem to accompany them and scry the location of these artifacts. Gordaar had become a black guard, Shana became Markelhay’s apprentice, Eben made a pact with a demonlord and Tybalt became an assassin. Upon securing the artifacts from a giant lich, a vampire lord and a cursed wizard, Markelhay combined them into the Cloak of the Undead King, which allowed him to control intelligent undead without any risk. Their next step was to hijack the undeads of Deyja, and ally themselves with Eeofol (demons) and Nighon (slavers). Then they would wage war against Erathia (humans), Av Lee (elves, dwarves) and Bracada (wizards).

The Harrowing is set fifty years after Markelhay acquired the unholy artifact and waged war against the allied forces of humans, elves and dwarves. Our new adventurers are located in the desert lands of Krewlod, which was left untouched by the war.

The Harrowing