The Harrowing

The Harrowing: Session 10

Anger Directed Inwards

> Clyo tells the goblins they can die now or die later.
> The goblin shakes his head, they aren’t giving him any options.
> Clyo accidently challenges the goblin leader.
> He accepts and readies his cleaver.
> Clyo doesn’t want to, but the rest encourage her to fight him.
> She then moves up to him and shivs him.
> The goblin leader is shocked that she would be so underhanded.
> He retaliates, and cuts Clyo deep into her shoulder.
> The gecko becomes a mount.
> Theia and Lethos fights the other goblins.
> Eventually cubelion kills the goblin leader.
> They later find a room filled with human corpses stored as food.
> The party finds a dungeon below.
> Fight Tentamort boss for hide armor +1
> find pantysniffer
> Find treasure chest
> Find arena and horse
> Find secrets doors and lady running
> Chase her, she gets stopped by x-bow man guarding exit.
> becomes visible, theia threatens her, she shatters her scythe.
> Runs downt he corridor
> Clyo shoots her in the leg.
> Mage lets herself get caught.
> explore chapel hall, ghost dogs
> Moving down to dungeon level 2
> Statues
> Trap
> Mislead into other room
> Treasure in the water
> No thanks, ok.. don’t want a amulet of nat.armor +1
> tells mage to cut to the chase.. she tells them it’s best to leave.
> They won’t, except for lethos.
> She shows them the way.
> opens the door and becomes invisible.
> Shana “You know I can see you Lyrie.”
> “You always do this, hide whenever people show up.”
> Shana approaches the exit and finds they have visitors
> “Ah, I applaud your efforts. You killed the goblins, got your treassure and saved your town.”
> But I recommend you turn tale and return victorious, the body of your long dead leader lie in ashes."
> Alright?
> She spots theia’s sin mark of wrath and decides to have some fun.
> Casts confusion, which hits everyone but Theia.
> Shana messes with Theia’s mind, casts touch of madness and etc.
> Theia rages and eventually falls into pits of despair of being betrayed.
> Wakes up as Summoner Amira, and kills all the humans and traps Clyo.
> Shirish finds Clyo and Theia, return to town.
> “This is why I hate children” – Clyo.


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