The Harrowing

The Harrowing: Session 11


> Sheriff Hemlock informed the town of the party’s victoy.
> 2 days have passed since the party returned to town.
> Theia has been wandering around town.
> Clyo wakes up, Shirish asks her questions.
> She doesn’t want to answer.
> Fredrik Gilt, Clyo’s classmate, enters Clyo’s room to question her.
> She faints.
> Fredrik Gilt moves on to locate Theia, she doesn’t talk either.
> Clyo places a guard outside Theia’s room to keep watch.
> Theia Dimension Doors out of her room, the guard spots her.
> He merely asks where she is heading.
> She says she’s going to the Sheriff’s office (10).
> The guard then returns to his post.
> Next morning Clyo and Theia have breakfast together.
> Fredrik is keeping an eye on the two of them.
> Sheriff Hemlock enters the Inn.
> He informs them there’s been a murder.
> Fredrik volunteers to help.


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