The Harrowing

The Harrowing: Session 13

Good Men Die

- the answers; purpose, conflict, love.
- unmasking the faceless.
- going downstairs.
- confronting the surgeon.
- attacking the proxy.
- unanswered sins.
- no options.
- Judge, jury and executioner.
- the journal.
- reporting the news.
- Speak with dead w/ Katrine.
- George Ironboot victim to killer.
- Bigsie was also attacked at Fatman’s Feedbag.
- Question Bigsie, no use.
- Jubrayl comes to the inn.
- Party interrogates Jubrayl.
- Tells them secret stuff about his employer.
- Party goes to Mayor Kendra
- Convince her to go with them to Thistletop
- The plan.


Mr_Simon Mr_Simon

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