The Harrowing

The Harrowing: Session 14


> Party gets horses from Daviren Hosk.
> Travel to Thistletop with Mayor Kendra.
> Meet up Jubrayl who warns them about wolves.
> Party kills wolves, Jubrayl is useless during the encounter.
> Mayor Kendra has trouble navigating through the thorny briars.
> 1 brute, 4 brigands and 4 gunmen ambush the party.
> They want the treasure of Thistletop.
> The party attempts to trick them, but they’re not having it.
> Clyo volunteers to show them where the treasure is.
> Two of the men accompany her.
> Fredrik gets the brigands to relax.
> That’s when Theia summons Black Tentacles.
> The tentacles grab everyone except her and a brute.
> The brute charges Theia and grabs her.
> Theia escapes with Fredrik via Dimension Door.
> Black Tentacles kills the rest of the brigands.
> After Black Tentacles settle down, Theia and Fredrik look around.
> Jubrayl didn’t make it.
> Theia gathers the bodies into one place.
> Fredrik finds the brute with Mayor Kendra.
> The brute threatens to hurt Kendra if they get closer.
> Meanwhile the brigand, gunman and Clyo return.
> They want to know where everyone is.
> Theia attempts to fool them but they’re not buying it.
> The brute shouts and they know they’ve been had.
> They think the guards are involved.
> The brutes disarm Clyo, but she refuses to hand over the mask.
> When one of the brigands force it from her, it takes him over.
> That’s when Fredrik uses Blistering Invective.
> It causes the two brigands and the brute to catch fire.
> The brute snaps Mayor Kendra’s neck.
> The gunman falls off the bridge and into the water.
> The brigand starts attacking Clyo.
> Fredrik shots the brute twice and runs.
> The brute runs after Fredrik and grabs him.
> Theia helps Clyo defeat the masked brigand.
> The brute nearly chokes Fredrik to death.
> Theia then cuts the brutes head clean off.


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