The Harrowing

The Harrowing: Session 15

Paying a toll

- Thistletop
- Explanations!
- Assessment
- Attempts to burn down the briars
- Theia goes to tame undead horse
- kills it, attempts to carry it over.
- swims with it.
- fails to carry it over, it sinks.
- party goes to retrieve treasure
- they cross over to the fort, then Theia burns down the bridge.
- They all get down into the dungeon.
- theia casts enlarge person on clyo
- Clyo grabs a giant golden helmet
- the helmet moves and grabs Clyo
- combat ensues
- Fredrik is useless
- theia jumps in the water
- clyo is crying
- theia attacks it
- the helmet crab pulls clyo into the water
- theia keeps attacking
- Fredrik helps clyo by healing her
- Clyo faints
- The crab rips clyo’s arm off.
- the crab the does a victory pose
- then retreats to eat Clyo’s arm
- Theia attempts to penetrate the golden helmet, but barely scratches it.
- Fredrik heals Clyo.
- Clyo runs to safety.
- Theia wrestles with the helmet grab.
- Fredrik gets grabbed by Clyo who is sobbing profusely.
- Theia eventually tumbles the helmet crab with Grease and kills it.
- Theia retrieves all the treassure.
- Moving on, they explore the dungeon.
- gold coins scatters about, Theia inserts 2 gold coins and it disappears.
- a corridor leading to three rooms is revealed.
- planning room, surgeon room and scrying room.
- the scrying room reveals a white wolf beast trapped in a strange place.
- The wolf is mutilating itself and running into walls.
- They rest in the dungeon.
- Next day they cross over to the goblin camp.
- Theia teleports across with the treassure, finds the undead horse.
- The horse is derpy, she decides to kill it and carry it as well.
- Clyo attempts to swim across, but fails and almost drowns.
- Fredrik wants to help, but he can’t swim. (His shoes are ruined!)
- Clyo’s survival instincts kick in and she swims back.
- The two of them craft a raft that’s barely able to hold them.
- They paddle across, but it sinks near the end, they get wet.
- Clyo and Fredrik find Theia, who is now carrying Mayor Kendra as well.
- Their horses are gone.
- They keep going ahead anyway.


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