The Harrowing

The Harrowing: Session 7

Dark Commands

> After burying Lilith, they set out to vanquish the catacomb’s evils.
> Clyo insists on getting backup from the city guard.
> They argue with the sheriff, but he’s not entirely sure.
> That’s when Lethos, a mercenary, enters the building.
> He offers to help them, but Clyo blows him off.
> She emands the sheriff lend them some men.
> The sheriff gives him and hands them Guardsmen Bob,
> As well as Harry and Henry, two crossbow men.
> Meanwhile Lethos has been visiting Jubrayl in prison.
> It wasn’t much of a talk, just checking how he was doing.
> When Lethos steps outside, Clyo is there to accepts his offer.
> 50gp + 20% of the treasure down in the catacombs.
> They make an effort to explore everything in the catacombs.
> A red marble statue that looks like Theia is there.
> Further in they find an alter with unholy water.
> In the last room, death awaits.
> It’s dark, but Clyo recognises the yellow gleaming eyes.
> Bob enters the room, enthralled by a dark command.
> Clyo steps in to ward this evil off.
> As Bob pushes her out of the way the ghouls attack.
> He falls prey to the ghoul’s touch and gets paralyzed.
> Clyo watches in horror as the ghouls consume him.
> A draconic figure laughs, and casts glitterdust on Clyo.
> “You don’t need to see this, just run away.” – Erylium.
> While Clyo is blinded she imbues her bow with a holy light.
> Theia casts flame wheel on the ghouls, but it has little effect.
> Theia moves the flame wheel over to the draconic lady.
> In response she spreads her wings and hovers in the air.
> That’s when Clyo smites and kill her with two shots.
> The battle continues with the party aggroing ghouls.
> It ends with Lethos getting his knees shreded.
> His goon finish the ghoul off before it makes a fatal blow.
> In the room they find an unholy artifact that can absorb souls.
> The draconic lady probably used it to make ghouls.
> Lethos finds a jewelry box and attempts to open it.
> It has blue markings and a black powder.
> Theia reads the blue markings “Spark.”
> It blows up in their faces, Theia evades but Lethos is smoked.
> They find another box, but Lethos refuses to open it.
> He leaves the dungeon seeking aid.
> His goons walk off with pottery, a wizard tome and the box.
> Harry and Henry can’t believe Bob is dead.
> Clyo tells Sheriff Hemlock the bad news.
> He explains Bob had no next of kin, he stayed at Rusty Dragon.
> Meanwhile Lethos has been arguing with a priest of Sarenrae.
> That’s when Theia drops on the church floor.
> The priests comes to her aid like a flock of vultures.
> He gives up, and goes to the local healer instead.


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