The Harrowing

The Harrowing: Session 8

The Finer Points

> Clyo and Theia wake up at the Rusty Dragon.
> They take Bob’s savings, 1.600gp from the Inn.
> They bring Shirish along this time to cleanse the catacombs.
> Lethos wakes up at Hannah’s place, his legs are fixed.
> One of the goons comes in with a bag of gold, say’s he’ll retire.
> Lethos appeals to his greed and tells him it won’t be enough.
> Clyo came by and gave him 150gp, they can make more.
> The other goon shows up telling him he needs his pay now.
> He owes George Ironboot 20 gp, Lethos decides to settle it.
> The price goes up to 25gp and George laughs him off.
> The loot they gathered is worth 2000-2500gp in total.
> Theia, Clyo and Shirish finds the worshipper of Sarenrae.
> They ask for holy water, he asks them to be charitable.
> But they just leave with the holy water.
> Turns out need more water, but the priest becomes stingy.
> Shirish attempts to stare him down, but he just gets creeped out.
> Theia gives him puppy eyes and he gives in.
> Clyo cleanses two alters, but not the unholy artifact.
> She then attempts to find Foxglove to finance their travels.
> Theia reminds her that the owner of the stables hates goblins.
> Clyo works out a deal with him, lending them 7 horses for 7 days.
> If they are not returned, a payment of 75gp for ea missing horse.
> If they are wounded an accomadation of 25gp must be payed.
> The party; Clyo, Theia, Shirish, Lethos, 2x Goons, Harry & Henry.
> They set out to vanquish the goblins of Thistletop.
> 6 hour travel, they arrive at the goblin HQ during nightfall.


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