The Harrowing

The Harrowing: Session 9

Makes No Difference

> Shirish tells them he should guard the horses.
> “Great men are willing to be small” he says.
> Clyo actives holier-than-thou mode and says she should guard.
> Shirish tells her she must support her friends instead.
> “Fine. Be that way” Clyo replies.
> Clyo takes out her grappling hook, Lethos helps her aim.
> When it’s time to climb, Lethos needs Shirish’s help.
> Theia starts sneaking around, finds and kills a sleeping goblin.
> Lethos and Clyo sneak further in, finds an alert goblin.
> He’s watching a bugbear sleeping in a mudpit.
> When Clyo attempts to pick him off, he wins initiative and runs.
> The camp is alerted of their presence.
> Clyo instead directs her shot towards a sleeping bugbear.
> The bugbear rawrs, and takes cover.
> Then 10 goblin warriors, 4 goblindog riders join the battle.
> The bugbear fires of an arrow at Clyo and hits her stomach.
> She starts to feel ill, the arrow was poisoned with elfbane.
> A goblin druid and his firepelt cougar joins the battle.
> The goblins rally into the mudpit to charge the party
> The goblin druid messes up and ignites the mudpit with alcohol.
> 4 goblins end up getting engulfed in flame, he gets flustered.
> The bugbear gets frustrated by the party’s cowardice and charge.
> |He misses Lethos and gets stabbed to death in retaliation.
> The firepelt cougar jumps on theia and knocks her prone.
> It runs of with the snake into the firepit.
> But the snake bests the firepelt cougar.
> The goblin druid runs away, there’s only 1 goblindog rider left.
> Lethos attempts to catch it, but is lured into a trap.
> He manages to avoid falling to his death.
> Lethos gets mad, but they still keep the goblin alive.
> They interrogate him, he tells them goblin druid is an outcast.
> He didn’t like the leader following the lady’s command.
> Clyo asks if they blindly follow this lady.
> Goblin laughs, “You funny, blindy follow lady?”
> “No, blindly follow leader!” he says with impeccable logic.
> He tells them there are no more traps, shows them rope bridge.
> He goes first, and Theia and Clyo joins him.
> The goblin druid returns and cuts the rope bridge.
> Theia and Clyo hold on, while the goblin falls into the ocean.
> Clyo balances on the rope bridge and kills the goblin druid.
> Theia climbs over and loots his flaming dagger.
> Clyo climbs over and holds the rope bridge, the party follows.
> 4 goblindog riders join the battle, Theia kills 1.
> Clyo ties up the bridge and shoots another one.
> Crossbowmen kills the rest.
> They ppen the door
> See hall, filled with dog and horse head trophies.
> Theia kicks open a nailed door.
> Goblin leader sits on throne, he asks if they are willing to parley.
> They are. He asks what they are doing.
> Clyo tells them to answer for their crimes.
> He is willing to sit on trail
> She decline, goblins are not people.
> He says that’s the root of the problem.
> Humanoids see goblin, they kill goblin.
> It makes no difference whether the goblin fight back or not.
> He’s tired of being hunted, they are uniting to have fight back.


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