Aesrick Battlehorn

Guildmaster at Carpenters Guild (24)


Dwarf ♂ Expert 5 LG
Init: -, Senses: -, Perception: -.
AC: -, TAC: -, FF: -
HP: -
Fort: -, Ref: -, Will: -
cmb: -, cmd: -

Str: -, Dex: -, Con: -, Int: -, Wis: -, Cha: -
BAB: -, Speed: 6 sq.
Special: -
Feats: -


Carpenter’s Guild is currently overseen by Guildmaster Aesrick Battlehorn a dwarf who left his homeland because ofhis a nearly heretical fondness for working with wood rather than stone, the Sandpoint Carpenter’s Guild has recently been accepting a growing number of projects in
the outlying farmlands as well as work about town. The guild has been in a minor feud with the Sandpoint Shipyard (46) for years, one that most often flares up over which guild has claim to the best lumber from the mill.

> Almost tasked creating a custom wooden suit of armor for the devilchild.

Aesrick Battlehorn

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