Aldern Foxglove

Straight rich white male


Human ♂ Aristocrat 4 / Rogue 3 CN
Init: -, Senses: -, Perception: -.
AC: -, TAC: -, FF: -
HP: -
Fort: -, Ref: -, Will: -
cmb: -, cmd: -

Str: -, Dex: -, Con: -, Int: -, Wis: -, Cha: -
BAB: -, Speed: 6 sq.
Special: -
Feats: -


Aldern Foxglove is noble who inherited much of his wealth from his family. He has returned to Sandpoint to fix up the Foxglove Manor, but with the death of his wife, he has been slow to progress. He spends his time at his leisure hunting boars, travelling and chasing skirts.

> Helped the player characters by paying for their stay at the White Deer Inn.
> Went hunting boars with Clyo Viella.
> Made somewhat improper remarks at Lilith’s funeral.
> Has not been seen the last few days, said he was going to get a monkey of his back.

Aldern Foxglove

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