Benny Harker

Victim at Sandpoint Lumbermill (25)


Human ♂ Expert 3 NG
Init: -, Senses: -, Perception: -.
AC: -, TAC: -, FF: -
HP: -
Fort: -, Ref: -, Will: -
cmb: -, cmd: -

Str: -, Dex: -, Con: -, Int: -, Wis: -, Cha: -
BAB: -, Speed: 6 sq.
Special: -
Feats: -


Benny Harker was working at the lumbermill until he was attacked at middle of the night. His body had been horribly desecrated. The poor man has been affixed to the wall by several hooks normally used to hang machinery. The body is mutilated, the face carved away and lower jaw missing entirely.

> It was revealed it was seeing Katrine Vinder.
> Ibor Thorn told he and Harker were cooking the books.
> There is a foul smell comming from his stomach.

Benny Harker

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