Garridan Viskali

Owner of The White Deer


Human ♂ Expert 4 LN
Init: -, Senses: -, Perception: -.
AC: -, TAC: -, FF: -
HP: -
Fort: -, Ref: -, Will: -
cmb: -, cmd: -

Str: -, Dex: -, Con: -, Int: -, Wis: -, Cha: -
BAB: -, Speed: 6 sq.
Special: -
Feats: -


A somber man named Garridan Viskali owns the White Deer and runs the place with the aid of his family and a few locals. Although his parents were members of the Shriikirri-Quah tribe, they abandoned their ties to settle in Sandpoint. Garridan regrets their choice, but his love for his wife and family keeps him rooted firmly in town. Eager to encourage visitors to stay at his inn, Garridan keeps the prices of his rooms and board low, matching those of the Rusty Dragon (37) despite the fact that his accommodations are much cleaner and more spacious. Still, his gruff attitude tends to make his establishment less popular than the Dragon. Garridan is the brother of Sandpoint’s sheriff, Belor Hemlock, although the two of them are in a long-running feud stemming from what Garridan sees as his brother’s complete abandonment of tradition.

> The player characters having no pay, Viskali told them to go to the Pixie’s Kitten.
> Aldern Foxglove payed the player characters expenses, making him sing a different tune.

Garridan Viskali

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