Jubrayl Vhiski

Leader of a gang at Fatman's Feedbag (42)


Human ♂ Rogue 7 NE
Init: 7, Senses: -, Perception: 8.
AC: 17, TAC: 15, FF: 12
HP: 31
Fort: 2, Ref: 7, Will: 1
cmb: 4, cmd: 20

Str: 12, Dex: 16, Con: 10, Int: 13, Wis: 11, Cha: 15
BAB: 5, Speed: 6 sq.
Melee: Stab +8, 1d6 +3
Special: sneak attack 4d6
Feats: dodge.


Jubrayl Vhiski is a lanky thug named who owns the Feedbag. He is also the leader of the local gang of Sczarni, an extended network of thieves, highwaymen, con artists, graverobbers, smugglers, and murderers. Nearly two dozen of the people in Sandpoint are Sczarni as well, all cruel and self-serving men and women who take care to maintain respectable jobs as laborers, fishermen, and hunters, but who draw their true income taking part in various scams and stunts. Sheriff Hemlock suspects that Jubrayl is the local leader, and would like nothing more than to bring him in, but the Sczarni are experts at walking the line between legalities and taking the blame for their direct superiors.

> Tried to hustle the player characters out of their money.
> Was bested by the devilchild and imprisoned by Sheriff Hemlock.
> He was later released, allegedly bailed by Titus Scarnetti.
> Admitted to burning down the local lumbermills allegedly tasked by Titus Scarnetti.
> Ambushed players with brigands.
> Violated and brutally murdered by Black Tentacles.

Jubrayl Vhiski

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