Titus Scarnetti

Head of the Scarnetti family (48)


Human ♂ Aristocrat 6 LN
Init: -, Senses: -, Perception: -.
AC: -, TAC: -, FF: -
HP: -
Fort: -, Ref: -, Will: -
cmb: -, cmd: -

Str: -, Dex: -, Con: -, Int: -, Wis: -, Cha: -
BAB: -, Speed: 6 sq.
Special: -
Feats: -


The Scarnetti family, now headed by Alamon’s only surviving son Titus Scarnetti controls Sandpoint’s mills and the lumber industry. Their control over the lumber the Valdemars need for their enterprises is not lost on the Scarnettis, and they use this fact as often as possible to leverage Valdemar support. The Scarnettis are easily Sandpoint’s most traditional family, who cling to old values that are, in many cases, outdated today.

> Allegedly hired Jubrayl Vhiski to burn down other Lumbermills around Sandpoint.
> Allegedly had Benny Harker murdered for cooking the books.
> Allegedly lured three merchants into into a shack and had them murdered.

Titus Scarnetti

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