The Harrowing

The Harrowing: Session 6
Kiss of Death

> The party comes a dark room with fountain in it.
> They spend 20 minutes debating whether they should go in.
> They place their figurines on the map; I point to the backline.
> “Whose dice (figure) is this?” – GM (OoC).
> “Lilith’s” – Theia (OoC).
> “A disembodied head sneaks up to you.” – GM
> "Don’t I get to punch it or something? " – Lilith (OoC).
> “- it gives you a kiss, roll a will save.” – GM
>"12." – Lilith (OoC).
> DC was 13. He fails. I start grinning.
> The party defeats the disembodied head in two turns.
> “What was that?” – Lilith.
> The party turns their eyes on Lilith.
> “Kill it before it breeds.” – Clyo.
> “What? No! You’re doing that!” – Lilith.
> “I agree, I think she’s going to turn.” – Theia.
> “Yeah, probably some charm effect.” – Clyo.
> I roll for frequency of the effect, 1d6 hours.
> 1. I shake my head.
> “Oh… I don’t like that. What did he roll?” – Lilith (OoC).
> The party spends a lot of time trying to figure out what it was.
> They keep moving, and stumble upon a secret exit.
> They’re back in town.
> “Huh, strange. Anyway. We should seek help.” – Party.
> “I’ll go to the healer, you’ll try to identify the creature.” – Lilith.
> “Well we can ask the mapmaker, he had a lot of scrolls.” – Theia.
> The party sells all of the scrolls, and shows him the creature.
> “Oh, that’s quite peculiar.” – Mapmaker.
> “Do you know what it is?” – Party.
> “No. But I know of someone who might.” – Mapmaker.
> There’s an old scholar, he is much more likely to know.
> The Clyo and Theia goes to search for him.
> Meanwhile Lilith’s tells the nurse of her predicament.
> “When a party and I were excavating a dungeon” – Lilith
> “- a disembodied head with wings kissed me.” – Lilith.
> The nurse shakes her head in disbelief.
> She says she’s not able to help the mentally ill.
> 1 hour passes, and Lilith’s hair start falling off.
> “Do I have cancer?” – Lilith (OoC).
> “Yes, you’ve also got leukemia.” – GM (OoC).
> The nurse sends a boy to get Theia and Clyo.
> Clyo and Theia managed to get a hold of the sage.
> He gets a most grim look on his face.
> “I’m afraid your friend is in grave danger.” – Sage.
> “How so?” – Party.
> “Suppose how these creatures reproduce.” – Sage.
> They hurry back to the place Lilith said she was going to be.
> That’s when the kid shows up.
> “A black haired lady…” – Kid.
> “Shush!” – Clyo.
> “But… I.” – Kid.
> “No.” – Clyo.
> The kid starts crying.
> The old sage approaches the kid and attempts to comfort him.
> “Relax. Take your time. Now what did you want to say?” – Sage.
> I roll a 1d20.
> 1. The kid runs away.
> They get to the healthcare place and see the nurse outside.
> She is shaken.
> “What’s wrong?” – Party.
> “See for yourselves.” – Nurse.
> Clyo enters the building and finds Lilith.
> Lilith’s complexion is pale, her teeth are jagged, she’s bald,
> her ears are growing out and taking the shape of wings.
> Every in game hour, Lilith loses 1 INT and CHA.
> I sit back and watch them argue, bargain and plea for a cure.
> If she had rolled higher than 6, she would have made the save.
> If she was level 5, she would be immune to disease.
> Clyo, the one who is normally at the back, is immune to disease.
> That is when Clyo makes a plea to her God.
> 19. “AAaaaaaaaaaawwww…” – Party.
> “I’m just going to roll up a new character.” – Lilith (OoC).
> I decide to give Clyo’s player a note, “She is without hope.”
> 15 minutes pass, and Clyo gets an epiphany.
> “We should go see the house of blueballs, the monk!” – Clyo.
> “Wow. Of course, I completely forget about her.” – Lilith.
> I applaud them for getting the idea. This is what I had planned.
> I start talking about finding hope again.
> Finding a reason to live, and to be a monk.
> I tell him to get in a meditation pose, and make a list.
> The other party members leave the room.
> Lilith’s player starts realizing I’m not presenting him with a cure.
> I am presenting him with a choice.
> Find reasons to keep your character, or move on.
> “I want to live, I want to find out why we were imprisoned.”
> “Do you really want to be a monk?” – GM.
> “We look so much alike, the monk is resident here” – Lilith.
> “Yes, but she pursues knowledge and her spiritual side.” – GM.
> “Yeah, I think this is a good way for me to go.” – Lilith
> I pause, but stand by his decision.
> “At least you’re not going to die to that ‘thing’.” – GM.
> “Yeah, but what happens now?” – Lilith (OoC).
> Clyo’s and Theia’s players enter the room again.
> Some time passes, and Clyo decides it’s time to check on Lilith.
> The monk has a solemn look on her face.
> Clyo enters the room, walks up to the monk and says “Hey.”
> She doesn’t answer, but acknowledges that Clyo is present.
> I pause the game and tell Leif how wrong this scenario is.
> I tell him to stand in the middle of the room and ask his question.
> “Is she ok?” – Clyo.
> “See for yourself.” – Monk.
> Lilith has regained most of her facial features.
> "I attempt to get her attention, I shake her. I, eh… " – Clyo.
> Negative.
> Clyo starts shaking his head in disbelief.
> “What did you do?” – Clyo.
> “She found hope, she regained her features.” – Monk.
> “I don’t know whether she sought to join the spiritual realm,”
> “or merely suffered a physical death.”
> “What I do know is that her spirit has left her body.” – Monk.
> Clyo is stunned by this, “Ehuh… Eeehuh… Ehuh.” – Clyo.
> They loot all of her stuff, provide her with a simple white dress.
> A funeral is held, and speeches are had.
> Clyo tells of how she was a dear friend.
> Theia only states what she was.
> Foxglove tells them she was desirable.
> Sheriff Hemlock tells them not to lose hope.

The Harrowing: Session 5
Friendly Takeover

> Crimes committed by the party so far:
- Vandalised property
- Assault on a guard
- Assault on a civilian
- Breaking and entering
- Murdered a suspect
- Murdered a hostage
> The party reports their findings to Sheriff Hemlock.
> Clyo breaks down and tells him everything.
> This causes Sheriff Hemlock to interrogate everyone.
> Theia tells a story of half-truths, but doesn’t directly lie.
> Lilith attempts to be earnest and gives him her perspective.
> Shirish doesn’t know anything.
> Clyo tells him everything.
> Sherlock then tells all of them that it’s obvious what happened.
> “There were goblins, Tsuto orchastrated everything!” he says.
> “The goblins did this, you are heroes.” a cover up.
> “If you could clear out the goblins, it shall remain true.” a threat?
> Clyo gives him her word that she will end these goblin threats.
> Hemlock in turn tells them it’s a shame the kaijitsu family is dead.
> This piece of news gives Theia an idea. Take over their property.
> The party starts managing the Rusty Dragon Inn.
> Clyo settles disputes in the kitchen, Lilith gets entertainment.
> Theia starts looking at their finances, Shirish acts as a guard.
> The hafling asks how it went, Theia says Lilith murdered Ameiko.
> She faints. They hire the locksmith to open the safe.
> It has 1.600gp, there are 10 workers being paid 1.000gp a month.
> 2 gp per room, total of 30 rooms means they need 17 filled.
> Then there’s food and entertainment that should make profit.
> After a hard day of work, they all rest up at the Inn.
> Lilith tells the party she saw catacombs below the glassworks.
> She didn’t want to add to the confusion.
> Clyo says it should be worth exploring, they venture forth.
> They encounter grey humanoids with tentacle faces.
> It doesn’t put up much of a fight.
> The party moves on to find a prison and a torture chamber.
> They keep moving towards a room filled with trap holes.
> There’s a zombie in each hole. That’s when a door opens.
> Shirsh and Theia go to the torture chamber to see what it was.
> Two giant spider blocks their path with web.
> The web seperates them from Clyo and Lilith.
> That’s when Theia and Shirish encounters a faceless.
> He grabs Theia’s head and starts draining her blood.
> “Yes, fill me with your hatred!” he telepathically communicates.
> Shirish is stuck in the web, and he can’t reach the spiders.
> Lilith doesn’t know what to do, while Clyo reaches for her knife.
> The Faceless keeps draining Theia’s blood.
> Cubelion attacks the faceless and coils around him.
> Shirish breaks free and cleaves a spider in half.
> Clyo makes an opening for her bow, and smites the Faceless.
> Theia messes him up with her scythe.
> Almost dead, the faceless escaped by morphing himself.
> He proceeds to run down the corridor.
> A turn passes, Clyo spots him and fires an arrow.
> It connects. They follow the trail of blood to find it’s corpse.
> Lilith attempts to poke it but it evades her.
> When she jumps on it, it goes ballistic and dissolves.
> They find 4 scrolls;
- 3 Summone Nature’s Ally and 1 unidentified.
> That’s when Clyo notices the scar on Theia’s forehead.
> The faceless had carved a sign of wrath.

The Harrowing: Session 4
Heaven's Door

> Next day, that morning a halfling woman asks about Ameiko.
> She saw them socialising with her last night.
> She reads a letter to them, it’s from her half brother Tsuto.
> It tells her to meet him at the glassworks.
> She fears Ameiko might have gotten captured.
> Clyo gets a hold of Sheriff Hemlock and the Fatman’s Feedbag.
> He’s settling a few disputes, since Jubrayl was captured.
> Meanwhile Theia has been making a racket at the glassworks.
> A crowd has formed outside to see what is going on.
> A guard shows up and Lilith asks if they can enter.
> He says it’s closed and that they need a search warrent.
> That’s when they hear a window break.
> Onlookers say they saw a redhead with a scythe.
> She suddenly disappeared.
> An additional guard is stationed where the window broke.
> Theia had shapeshifted into a cat and snuck past the onlokers.
> She orders her snake to strangle the guard.
> When Lilith checks on what is going on she sees an onlooker.
> The onlooker had spotted the guard getting strangled.
> Lilith knocks him out cold, breaking his jaw.
> Clyo arrives with Sheriff Hemlock and a locksmith.
> The locksmith decides to unhinge the door to save time.
> Sheriff Hemlock stays outside to reassure the public.
> Theia and Lilith return and enter the glassworks with Clyo.
- 3 game hours were spent trying to get inside the glassworks.
> The party hears snickering and breaking of glass.
> They locate the goblins and find a captured half-orc.
> Combat ensues, a statue of a man is gets smashed into pieces.
> After the battle, the half-orc collects himself after berserking.
> He introduces himself as Shirish, a perfectly well adjusted citizen.
> The statue was Lonjiku Kaijitsu, Ameiko’s father and his boss.
> The party then spots a goblin attempting to hide.
> The goblin makes a run for it down the cellar.
> It knocks on Tsuto’s door, he answers to a dead goblin.
> Tsuto locks the door and puts a knife to his throat.
> Clyo manages to save him and tie him up.
> Lilith finds his diary and is rather disturbed.
> It tells of the initial goblin attack and his mistress’s plans.
> There might be a future attack with over 200 goblins.
> There are also sketches of a lolita that’s NSFW.
> Lilith leaves the room to find Ameiko.
> She kicks down a locked door.
> Meanwhile Clyo finds Tsuto’s keys.
> The door crashes down on Ameiko who is in rough shape.
> Lilith checks her pulse, but it is flat lined.
> Meanwhile Theia gets voices in her head telling her to kill Tsuto.
> Cubelion then strangles Tsuto to death.

The Harrowing: Session 3
Painting the Town Dead

> Next Day the party decides to look around town for supplies.
> They are met by stached man, he asks if they are new in town.
> He is willing to pay good if they can help him with a rat problem.
> The party agrees. He explains he doesn’t want word to get out.
> They arrive at the Fatman’s Feedbag, he leads them downstairs.
> Clyo asks for the key, enters the cellar and locks the door.
> Lilith begins searching for rats, Theia doesn’t hear anything.
> The door opens and the stached man enters with two goons.
> “The only rats I see are you three!” Lilith says.
> “You really ought to know better, now hand over the gold!”
> Party refuses, Lilith moves in to kick one of the goons.
> The stached man flanks her and pummels her into submission.
> Clyo gets nervous and misses her shots.
> Theia asks if she can leave, “Oh, go right ahead” he replies.
> She walks right by him and gets cubelion to coil around him.
> Then she summons three vipers to deal with the goons.
> The goons opt to flee with their boss and drag him out.
> Theia readies her scythe, she can barely contain her bloodlust.
> The three men are then arrested by Sheriff Hemlock.
> He rewards the party 600gp, he had been looking for them.
> The stached man is named Jubrayl Vhiski, leader of a gang.
> “And I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for that snake!”
> The sheriff tells them to meet him at the Mayor’s office later.
> Meanwhile the party finds more weapons and armor.
> They encounter a woman in distress. She has two children.
> Clyo looks at the children with distain, but agrees to help.
> The woman explains a monster is hiding in their home.
> Her husband went to check, while she fled with the kids.
> She hasn’t heard back from him.
> The party enters her house, goes upstairs into the boy’s room.
> His closet has two legs sticking out of it, Lilith pulls the man out.
> He is dead. That’s when a goblin attacks Lilith.
> Clyo shoots in straight through it’s heart.
> “What are we going tell to tell her?” Lilith asks.
> “Simple. We tell the truth.” Clyo replies.
> Clyo tells them woman her husband was already dead.
> “He died as he lived” she replies.
> “In the closet?” Theia asks.
> The woman bursts out in tears.
> Sheriff Hemlock arrives at the scene.
> He tells them it’s high time to deal with these “idle threats”.
>A local ranger has informed them about the goblin wherabouts.
> It would be a huge help if they could deal with them.
> At Mayor Kendra’s office they meet the elven ranger Shalelu.
> She tells them members of all five tribes were involved.
> There is something big going on, someone is behind it.
> They rest up at the Rusty Dragon Inn.
> Shalelu tells them of the five goblin heroes;
- Big Gugmut, Korovus, Vorka, Rendwattle Gutwad, Ripnugget.
- And the bugbear ranger Bruthazmus.

The Harrowing: Session 2
The Big Reveal

> Clyo and Lilith find themselves in no condition to fight.
> They continue moving alongside the river, laying low.
> Theia hears wolves prowling around the forest.
> The party decides to hide behind a steep hill.
> One of the wolves almost notice them, but they sneak past it.
> They reach the town of Sandpoint by sunset.
> The party is greeted by a hastily drawn guard.
> “Hail guard” Clyo says.
> The guard simply gives them directions.
> They enter the White Deer Inn, looking for a room for the night.
> When Viskali, the innkeeper, asks for 3 gp the party declines.
> Clyo puts on her charm, but Viskali suggests the Pixie’s Kitten.
> Lilith gets offended, it sounds like a brothel (it is).
> A well dressed gentleman enters the Inn and overhears them.
> He greets the innkeeper and slams his hand on the counter.
> “What seems to be the problem, Viskali?” he asks.
> “Nothing, good sir.” Viskali replies.
> “You ladies have a good stay.” he says with a change of tone.
> Clyo asks him if they could repay him, he aks only their names.
> As he walks upstairs he introduces himself as Aldern Foxglove.
> Next day the party goes to church to find a healer.
> Abstalar Zantus is happy to help and revitalizes the party.
> He asks of nothing in return, only that they be vigilant.
> “Vigilant?” they ask. He smirks, “Well, since you ask” he replies.
> He tells them goblins attacked the city during the festival.
> Some of them might still be scurrying around.
> A hunchback interrupts them and asks for help at the boneyard.
> The party agrees and follows him to the tomb of Ezakien Tobyn.
> The door to the tomb hangs slightly ajar, the ground is churned.
> Clyo leaves the scene to involve the city guard.
> Eventually she gets a hold of the sheriff named Belor Hemlock.
> Lilith opens the tomb and gets attacked by two skeletons.
> The party makes short work of them.
> The hunchback, Naffer Vosk, finds Tobyn’s coffin is missing!
> Lilith suspects the goblin attack was a distraction.
> She wonders why, then spots footsteps of a larger humanoid.
> Perhaps someone is using the goblins to do their bidding.
> Naffer Vosk spots cloth used to deploy the skeleton guards.
> The party moves on to get maps, weapons and armor.
> Lilith sells the gold brick to the town mayor for 1.300gp
> During the middle of the day they encounter Foxglove.
> He invites them to hunt boars, Clyo accepts.
> Theia declines, while Lilith straight up hates his guts.
> Clyo ends up getting injured during the hunt.
> Foxgloves apologises and gifts her a health potion.
> They return with a trophy and presents it at the Rusty Dragon.
> Foxglove tells Clyo she can keep the horse as well.
> Theia and Lilith enter the Inn and find Clyo and Foxglove.
> That’s when a noble man barges in, speaking a foreign language.
> Ameiko Kaijitus, the owner, starts arguing with the man.
> Foxglove tells the party that it’s her father.
> He gave her an ultimatum; close down shop or be disowned.
> He attempts to grab her, but she swats him with her soup ladle.
> He leaves, shouting “You are as dead to me as your mother!”
> “I’ll need a well cleaned ladle now” Ameiko sighs.
> “- since jackass stew is not on the menu.” causing a laugh.
> Lilith and Theia aks if she is ok, to which she replies “Asshat”.
> They begin to socialize, concluding with them having a free stay.

The Harrowing: Session 1

> Theia and Lilith find themselves trapped in a smithy.
> Lilith manages to break free.
> She makes a lot of noise, but frees Theia as well.
> A goblin peaks his head through the doorframe.
> Lilith charges the door, slamming into the goblin’s face.
> Theia positions herself behind the door.
> A hobgoblin opens the door and is greeted by Lilith’s smile.
> Puzzled by this he steps inside and gets smacked by the door.
> The hobgoblin roars out in pain, alerting reinforcements.
> Theia and Lilith position themselves in front of the door.
> The reinforcements attempt to force themselves in.
> Lilith lifts the door, it unhinges and falls on top of the hobgoblins.
> Theia and Lilith jumps on top of the door and crush them.
> The bloodied hobgoblin shakes his head in disbelief.
> He is holding the chains to another prisoner, a half-elven lady.
> Lilith charges him, but he deflects her blow and fights back.
> Meanwhile the goblin from earlier taunts Theia.
> The half-elven lady pushes the hobgoblin into a stack of boxes.
> She then puts her chains around his neck and make him yield.
> As Lilith kills two hobgoblins the last one flees.
> The battle is over and the goblin yields, but Theia won’t allow it.
> The goblin had been attacking and taunting her mercilessly.
> He pleads for his life, exclaiming that he is a gentleman!
> Theia grabs him and spills his guts all over the floor.
> The hobgoblin sighs, “Poor Korovus.”
> Theia then drags the goblin’s corpse along the corridor.
> “Have you no respect for the dead!?” the hobgoblin utters.
> Theia stares at him with a look of defiance.
> “Humans worse than orcs” he mutters to himself.
> “I agree” she says, and smirks.
> Lilith knocks the hobgoblin unconscious.
> The half-elven lady introduces herself as Clyo.
> She searches the hobgoblin and finds keys to unlock their chains.
> Meanwhile Theia has discovered a cell with an unconscious elf.
> Next to him are several potions in red, green and white.
> Theia grabs the potions and walks back to the hobgoblin.
> Clyo has gotten the hobgoblin conscious again, but he won’t talk.
> Theia asks Clyo to try some potions, but she declines.
> This prompts her to test them on the hobgoblin.
> “Tell us a way out of here!” Lilith shouts.
> “Did you kill all my men?” the hobgoblin aks.
> All of them pause for a moment, “Yes” Theia replies.
> The hobgoblin looks around, “You lie!”
> He puts on a big smile, “You’re not getting out of here”.
> “Well neither are you!” Theia shouts and chops his head off.
> They move on into the next room and retrieve their gear.
> Theia tames her snake, it is slow to submit.
> The door the hobgoblin escaped through is locked.
> The keys don’t work.

> Lilith thinks hard about the facts.
- There are no windows, it is dank.
- They found a sink in the room with the elf.
> She starts searching low and uncovers a trapdoor.
> Meanwhile Clyo has taken out the lights in the room.
> Theia tells Clyo that won’t work, goblinoids can see in the dark.
> They escape down the trapdoor into the sewers.
> In the next room they see a stream of water.
> On the far left they can jump across, but a creature is in the way.
> The cracking of bones and tearing of flesh makes them hasitate.
> Clyo wants to take a closer look, but alerts the creature.
> It stares at her with it’s yellow gleaming eyes, then hides.
> Clyo expresses a sigh of relief, then turns to her friends.
> The creature jumps at Clyo and takes a chunk out of her.
> Theia’s snake squeezes the ghoul to unlife.
> With the the undoing of the ghoul, rats emerge out of the rubble.
> Lilith attempts to swat some of them away, but it’s hopeless.
> The party is forced to jump across, but Clyo falls into the water.
> Luckily Theia and Lilith extend their arms to grab a hold of her.
> Clyo shivers and her complexion grows pale, she feels so tired.
> On the other side are two doors and a valve.
> The first door is locked, the second is not.
> Above the valve it says “Left is right, right is left.”
> The party mess with the valve, but it’s no use.
> Moving on through the second door, they find a corridor.
> It leads to a black room with a loose brick sticking out.
> Clyo pushes it in, making the room collapse.
> She leaves the room and closes the door.
> As she walks up the staircase, zombies attack Lilith!
> Theia and Clyo takes care of them in a coordinated fashion.
> The stairway leads to the area behind the locked door.
> It is almost identical to the first corridor.
> Theia jumps down and finds another black room.
> Clyo disapproves, but decides to ready her bow.
> Theia takes the brick inside this room instead of pushing it in.
> Turns out it is made of gold, “Left is correct, right is left behind”.
> The party leaves the sewers, arriving at a beach.
> Theia sees a mountain above them and starts to climb it.
> Lilith thinks they should follow the river, it could mean people.
> In otherwords; a place to rest and resupply.
> “You are hungry for a hot meal, right?” Lilith asks Theia.


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