The Harrowing

The Harrowing: Summerized
From session 1 to 15

Session 1: 16.08.2014, Lyngdal
> Title: Survival
> Theia and Lilith are trapped in a smithy.
> Clyo helps them fight a goblin and hobgoblins.
> Find their equipment, escape to sewers.
> Fight a ghoul, rats and zombies.
> Get a gold brick and escape from sewers.

Session 2: 17.08.2014, Lyngdal.
> Title: The Big Reveal
> Follow river to get to civilization, hide from wolves.
> Get to Sandpoint, meet Foxglove and rest at White Deer Inn.
> Heal up, trade for supplies and investigate boneyard.
> Goblins attacked and stolen the remains of Ezakien Tobyn.
> Clyo hunts boards with Foxglove, rest at Rusty Dragon Inn.

Session 3: 30.08.2014, Lyngdal.
> Title: Painting the Town Dead
> Encounter Jubrayl Vhiski who wants help clearing out rats.
> He tricked them, but Theia and her serpents save the day.
> Help a lady kill a goblin in her home, also dead parent.
> Have a meeting about goblins w/ Sheriff, Mayor and a ranger.

Session 4: 05.09.2014, Feda.
> Title: Heaven’s Door
> Ameiko, who runs Rusty Dragon Inn, is missing. Letter.
> Struggle to enter glassworks, breaks a few laws.
> Encounter goblins, defeat them with help of Shirish.
> Interrogate Tsuto, end up accidentally killing him and Ameiko.

Session 5: 27.09.2014, Lyngdal.
> Title: Friendly Takeover
> Confess their crimes to Sheriff Hemlock, he helps cover it up.
> Start managing Rusty Dragon Inn, look at finances.
> Explore the catacombs below the glassworks.
> Encounter Faceless, who leaves a mark of Wrath on Theia.

Session 6: 04.10.2014, Lyngdal.
> Title: Kiss of Death
> Enter a dark room, a flying head kisses Lilith on her neck.
> Find out she will become like that creature; a vargouille.
> Look for cure, let Lilith find herself with help from local monk.
> Lilith leaves her body behind, a funeral is held.

Session 7: 18.10.2014, Lyngdal.
> Title: Dark Commands
> Set out to vanquish the evils in the catacombs.
> Recruit Guardsman Bob, Harry and Henry and Lethos & co.
> Encounter ghouls and draconic lady who kill Guardsman Bob.
> Loot dungeon, exploding boxes, party rests up seperately.

Session 8: 26.10.2014, Feda.
> Title: The Finer Points
> Lethos settles disputes with his underlings.
> Haggle with a stingy priest about the distribution of holy water.
> Cleanse the unholy water in catacomb, but not runewell.
> Contract with squashgoblin stable, travel to Thistletop.

Session 9: 18.01.2015, Feda.
> Title: Makes No Difference
> Shirish guards horses by Thistletop.
> Big fight against goblins, a bugbear and misc. ensues.
> Interrogate goblin who tells them leader is following a lady.
> Go across rope bridge, goblin tries to cut it, kill him.
> Enter goblin HQ, confront goblin leader.

Session 10: 25.01.2015, Feda.
> Title: Anger Directed Inwards
> Give goblin leader no option but to die, combat ensues.
> Explore dungeon, kill a giant Tentamort, a goon dies.
> Capture Lyrie, she leads them to the lady.
> Lady tells them the goblins are no longer a problem.
> Aura of madness envelops the party, Theia goes berserk.

Session 11: 08.02.2015, Mandal.
> Title: Confrontation
> Shirish, Harry & Henry carried Clyo and Theia to Sandpoint.
> Fredrik attempts to question Clyo, but she faints.
> He then finds Theia, but she won’t answer his questions.
> Next morning Sheriff tells them about a murder.
> Fredrik volunteers to help solve the case.

Session 12: 01.03.2015, Feda.
> Title: A Terrible Question
> Benny Harker and Katrine has been murdered at Lumbermill.
> Interrogate Ibor Thorn,who reveal they were cooking the books.
> The Vinder family tells them Katrine used to date Jubrayl.
> Visit the asylum, interrogate a masked man.
> He asks them what they truly want.

Session 13: 14.03.2015, Lyngdal.
> Title: Good Men Die
> Fredrik; purpose, Theia; conflict, Clyo; love
> Clyo unmasks the elf, surpresses the mask’s power.
> Execute a dying necromancer who was doing surgery on himself.
> Back in town they do a speak with dead ritual on Katrine.
> Victim at Fatman’s feedbag, interrogate Jubrayl Vhiski.
> Get the Mayor to travel with them to Thistletop.

Session 14: 25.04.2015, Mumble.
> Title: Bedeviled
> Travel to Thistletop with Mayor and meet up with Jubrayl.
> Get ambushed by brigands, they want the treasure.
> Clyo volunteers to show two brigands the treasure.
> Theia casts Black Tentacles that rapes everyone.
> Fredrik is the worst hostage negotiator ever.

Session 15: 29.04.2015, Mumble.
> Title: Paying a toll
> Clyo assesses their current predicatment, mayor Kendra is dead.
> The party wants to retrieve the treassure down in the dungeon.
> Clyo gets her hand ripped off by a Hermit Crab.
> They find a scrying portal showing a white werewolf beast.
> Theia retrieves a derpy undead horse from the sea.
> Party starts walking back to Sandpoint without their horses.

The Harrowing: Session 15
Paying a toll

- Thistletop
- Explanations!
- Assessment
- Attempts to burn down the briars
- Theia goes to tame undead horse
- kills it, attempts to carry it over.
- swims with it.
- fails to carry it over, it sinks.
- party goes to retrieve treasure
- they cross over to the fort, then Theia burns down the bridge.
- They all get down into the dungeon.
- theia casts enlarge person on clyo
- Clyo grabs a giant golden helmet
- the helmet moves and grabs Clyo
- combat ensues
- Fredrik is useless
- theia jumps in the water
- clyo is crying
- theia attacks it
- the helmet crab pulls clyo into the water
- theia keeps attacking
- Fredrik helps clyo by healing her
- Clyo faints
- The crab rips clyo’s arm off.
- the crab the does a victory pose
- then retreats to eat Clyo’s arm
- Theia attempts to penetrate the golden helmet, but barely scratches it.
- Fredrik heals Clyo.
- Clyo runs to safety.
- Theia wrestles with the helmet grab.
- Fredrik gets grabbed by Clyo who is sobbing profusely.
- Theia eventually tumbles the helmet crab with Grease and kills it.
- Theia retrieves all the treassure.
- Moving on, they explore the dungeon.
- gold coins scatters about, Theia inserts 2 gold coins and it disappears.
- a corridor leading to three rooms is revealed.
- planning room, surgeon room and scrying room.
- the scrying room reveals a white wolf beast trapped in a strange place.
- The wolf is mutilating itself and running into walls.
- They rest in the dungeon.
- Next day they cross over to the goblin camp.
- Theia teleports across with the treassure, finds the undead horse.
- The horse is derpy, she decides to kill it and carry it as well.
- Clyo attempts to swim across, but fails and almost drowns.
- Fredrik wants to help, but he can’t swim. (His shoes are ruined!)
- Clyo’s survival instincts kick in and she swims back.
- The two of them craft a raft that’s barely able to hold them.
- They paddle across, but it sinks near the end, they get wet.
- Clyo and Fredrik find Theia, who is now carrying Mayor Kendra as well.
- Their horses are gone.
- They keep going ahead anyway.

The Harrowing: Session 14

> Party gets horses from Daviren Hosk.
> Travel to Thistletop with Mayor Kendra.
> Meet up Jubrayl who warns them about wolves.
> Party kills wolves, Jubrayl is useless during the encounter.
> Mayor Kendra has trouble navigating through the thorny briars.
> 1 brute, 4 brigands and 4 gunmen ambush the party.
> They want the treasure of Thistletop.
> The party attempts to trick them, but they’re not having it.
> Clyo volunteers to show them where the treasure is.
> Two of the men accompany her.
> Fredrik gets the brigands to relax.
> That’s when Theia summons Black Tentacles.
> The tentacles grab everyone except her and a brute.
> The brute charges Theia and grabs her.
> Theia escapes with Fredrik via Dimension Door.
> Black Tentacles kills the rest of the brigands.
> After Black Tentacles settle down, Theia and Fredrik look around.
> Jubrayl didn’t make it.
> Theia gathers the bodies into one place.
> Fredrik finds the brute with Mayor Kendra.
> The brute threatens to hurt Kendra if they get closer.
> Meanwhile the brigand, gunman and Clyo return.
> They want to know where everyone is.
> Theia attempts to fool them but they’re not buying it.
> The brute shouts and they know they’ve been had.
> They think the guards are involved.
> The brutes disarm Clyo, but she refuses to hand over the mask.
> When one of the brigands force it from her, it takes him over.
> That’s when Fredrik uses Blistering Invective.
> It causes the two brigands and the brute to catch fire.
> The brute snaps Mayor Kendra’s neck.
> The gunman falls off the bridge and into the water.
> The brigand starts attacking Clyo.
> Fredrik shots the brute twice and runs.
> The brute runs after Fredrik and grabs him.
> Theia helps Clyo defeat the masked brigand.
> The brute nearly chokes Fredrik to death.
> Theia then cuts the brutes head clean off.

The Harrowing: Session 13
Good Men Die

- the answers; purpose, conflict, love.
- unmasking the faceless.
- going downstairs.
- confronting the surgeon.
- attacking the proxy.
- unanswered sins.
- no options.
- Judge, jury and executioner.
- the journal.
- reporting the news.
- Speak with dead w/ Katrine.
- George Ironboot victim to killer.
- Bigsie was also attacked at Fatman’s Feedbag.
- Question Bigsie, no use.
- Jubrayl comes to the inn.
- Party interrogates Jubrayl.
- Tells them secret stuff about his employer.
- Party goes to Mayor Kendra
- Convince her to go with them to Thistletop
- The plan.

The Harrowing: Session 12
A Terrible Question

- The murder scene
- Clues
- Interrogation
- Visiting the Asylum
- The masked man
- the question

The Harrowing: Session 11

> Sheriff Hemlock informed the town of the party’s victoy.
> 2 days have passed since the party returned to town.
> Theia has been wandering around town.
> Clyo wakes up, Shirish asks her questions.
> She doesn’t want to answer.
> Fredrik Gilt, Clyo’s classmate, enters Clyo’s room to question her.
> She faints.
> Fredrik Gilt moves on to locate Theia, she doesn’t talk either.
> Clyo places a guard outside Theia’s room to keep watch.
> Theia Dimension Doors out of her room, the guard spots her.
> He merely asks where she is heading.
> She says she’s going to the Sheriff’s office (10).
> The guard then returns to his post.
> Next morning Clyo and Theia have breakfast together.
> Fredrik is keeping an eye on the two of them.
> Sheriff Hemlock enters the Inn.
> He informs them there’s been a murder.
> Fredrik volunteers to help.

The Harrowing: Session 10
Anger Directed Inwards

> Clyo tells the goblins they can die now or die later.
> The goblin shakes his head, they aren’t giving him any options.
> Clyo accidently challenges the goblin leader.
> He accepts and readies his cleaver.
> Clyo doesn’t want to, but the rest encourage her to fight him.
> She then moves up to him and shivs him.
> The goblin leader is shocked that she would be so underhanded.
> He retaliates, and cuts Clyo deep into her shoulder.
> The gecko becomes a mount.
> Theia and Lethos fights the other goblins.
> Eventually cubelion kills the goblin leader.
> They later find a room filled with human corpses stored as food.
> The party finds a dungeon below.
> Fight Tentamort boss for hide armor +1
> find pantysniffer
> Find treasure chest
> Find arena and horse
> Find secrets doors and lady running
> Chase her, she gets stopped by x-bow man guarding exit.
> becomes visible, theia threatens her, she shatters her scythe.
> Runs downt he corridor
> Clyo shoots her in the leg.
> Mage lets herself get caught.
> explore chapel hall, ghost dogs
> Moving down to dungeon level 2
> Statues
> Trap
> Mislead into other room
> Treasure in the water
> No thanks, ok.. don’t want a amulet of nat.armor +1
> tells mage to cut to the chase.. she tells them it’s best to leave.
> They won’t, except for lethos.
> She shows them the way.
> opens the door and becomes invisible.
> Shana “You know I can see you Lyrie.”
> “You always do this, hide whenever people show up.”
> Shana approaches the exit and finds they have visitors
> “Ah, I applaud your efforts. You killed the goblins, got your treassure and saved your town.”
> But I recommend you turn tale and return victorious, the body of your long dead leader lie in ashes."
> Alright?
> She spots theia’s sin mark of wrath and decides to have some fun.
> Casts confusion, which hits everyone but Theia.
> Shana messes with Theia’s mind, casts touch of madness and etc.
> Theia rages and eventually falls into pits of despair of being betrayed.
> Wakes up as Summoner Amira, and kills all the humans and traps Clyo.
> Shirish finds Clyo and Theia, return to town.
> “This is why I hate children” – Clyo.

The Harrowing: Session 9
Makes No Difference

> Shirish tells them he should guard the horses.
> “Great men are willing to be small” he says.
> Clyo actives holier-than-thou mode and says she should guard.
> Shirish tells her she must support her friends instead.
> “Fine. Be that way” Clyo replies.
> Clyo takes out her grappling hook, Lethos helps her aim.
> When it’s time to climb, Lethos needs Shirish’s help.
> Theia starts sneaking around, finds and kills a sleeping goblin.
> Lethos and Clyo sneak further in, finds an alert goblin.
> He’s watching a bugbear sleeping in a mudpit.
> When Clyo attempts to pick him off, he wins initiative and runs.
> The camp is alerted of their presence.
> Clyo instead directs her shot towards a sleeping bugbear.
> The bugbear rawrs, and takes cover.
> Then 10 goblin warriors, 4 goblindog riders join the battle.
> The bugbear fires of an arrow at Clyo and hits her stomach.
> She starts to feel ill, the arrow was poisoned with elfbane.
> A goblin druid and his firepelt cougar joins the battle.
> The goblins rally into the mudpit to charge the party
> The goblin druid messes up and ignites the mudpit with alcohol.
> 4 goblins end up getting engulfed in flame, he gets flustered.
> The bugbear gets frustrated by the party’s cowardice and charge.
> |He misses Lethos and gets stabbed to death in retaliation.
> The firepelt cougar jumps on theia and knocks her prone.
> It runs of with the snake into the firepit.
> But the snake bests the firepelt cougar.
> The goblin druid runs away, there’s only 1 goblindog rider left.
> Lethos attempts to catch it, but is lured into a trap.
> He manages to avoid falling to his death.
> Lethos gets mad, but they still keep the goblin alive.
> They interrogate him, he tells them goblin druid is an outcast.
> He didn’t like the leader following the lady’s command.
> Clyo asks if they blindly follow this lady.
> Goblin laughs, “You funny, blindy follow lady?”
> “No, blindly follow leader!” he says with impeccable logic.
> He tells them there are no more traps, shows them rope bridge.
> He goes first, and Theia and Clyo joins him.
> The goblin druid returns and cuts the rope bridge.
> Theia and Clyo hold on, while the goblin falls into the ocean.
> Clyo balances on the rope bridge and kills the goblin druid.
> Theia climbs over and loots his flaming dagger.
> Clyo climbs over and holds the rope bridge, the party follows.
> 4 goblindog riders join the battle, Theia kills 1.
> Clyo ties up the bridge and shoots another one.
> Crossbowmen kills the rest.
> They ppen the door
> See hall, filled with dog and horse head trophies.
> Theia kicks open a nailed door.
> Goblin leader sits on throne, he asks if they are willing to parley.
> They are. He asks what they are doing.
> Clyo tells them to answer for their crimes.
> He is willing to sit on trail
> She decline, goblins are not people.
> He says that’s the root of the problem.
> Humanoids see goblin, they kill goblin.
> It makes no difference whether the goblin fight back or not.
> He’s tired of being hunted, they are uniting to have fight back.

The Harrowing: Session 8
The Finer Points

> Clyo and Theia wake up at the Rusty Dragon.
> They take Bob’s savings, 1.600gp from the Inn.
> They bring Shirish along this time to cleanse the catacombs.
> Lethos wakes up at Hannah’s place, his legs are fixed.
> One of the goons comes in with a bag of gold, say’s he’ll retire.
> Lethos appeals to his greed and tells him it won’t be enough.
> Clyo came by and gave him 150gp, they can make more.
> The other goon shows up telling him he needs his pay now.
> He owes George Ironboot 20 gp, Lethos decides to settle it.
> The price goes up to 25gp and George laughs him off.
> The loot they gathered is worth 2000-2500gp in total.
> Theia, Clyo and Shirish finds the worshipper of Sarenrae.
> They ask for holy water, he asks them to be charitable.
> But they just leave with the holy water.
> Turns out need more water, but the priest becomes stingy.
> Shirish attempts to stare him down, but he just gets creeped out.
> Theia gives him puppy eyes and he gives in.
> Clyo cleanses two alters, but not the unholy artifact.
> She then attempts to find Foxglove to finance their travels.
> Theia reminds her that the owner of the stables hates goblins.
> Clyo works out a deal with him, lending them 7 horses for 7 days.
> If they are not returned, a payment of 75gp for ea missing horse.
> If they are wounded an accomadation of 25gp must be payed.
> The party; Clyo, Theia, Shirish, Lethos, 2x Goons, Harry & Henry.
> They set out to vanquish the goblins of Thistletop.
> 6 hour travel, they arrive at the goblin HQ during nightfall.

The Harrowing: Session 7
Dark Commands

> After burying Lilith, they set out to vanquish the catacomb’s evils.
> Clyo insists on getting backup from the city guard.
> They argue with the sheriff, but he’s not entirely sure.
> That’s when Lethos, a mercenary, enters the building.
> He offers to help them, but Clyo blows him off.
> She emands the sheriff lend them some men.
> The sheriff gives him and hands them Guardsmen Bob,
> As well as Harry and Henry, two crossbow men.
> Meanwhile Lethos has been visiting Jubrayl in prison.
> It wasn’t much of a talk, just checking how he was doing.
> When Lethos steps outside, Clyo is there to accepts his offer.
> 50gp + 20% of the treasure down in the catacombs.
> They make an effort to explore everything in the catacombs.
> A red marble statue that looks like Theia is there.
> Further in they find an alter with unholy water.
> In the last room, death awaits.
> It’s dark, but Clyo recognises the yellow gleaming eyes.
> Bob enters the room, enthralled by a dark command.
> Clyo steps in to ward this evil off.
> As Bob pushes her out of the way the ghouls attack.
> He falls prey to the ghoul’s touch and gets paralyzed.
> Clyo watches in horror as the ghouls consume him.
> A draconic figure laughs, and casts glitterdust on Clyo.
> “You don’t need to see this, just run away.” – Erylium.
> While Clyo is blinded she imbues her bow with a holy light.
> Theia casts flame wheel on the ghouls, but it has little effect.
> Theia moves the flame wheel over to the draconic lady.
> In response she spreads her wings and hovers in the air.
> That’s when Clyo smites and kill her with two shots.
> The battle continues with the party aggroing ghouls.
> It ends with Lethos getting his knees shreded.
> His goon finish the ghoul off before it makes a fatal blow.
> In the room they find an unholy artifact that can absorb souls.
> The draconic lady probably used it to make ghouls.
> Lethos finds a jewelry box and attempts to open it.
> It has blue markings and a black powder.
> Theia reads the blue markings “Spark.”
> It blows up in their faces, Theia evades but Lethos is smoked.
> They find another box, but Lethos refuses to open it.
> He leaves the dungeon seeking aid.
> His goons walk off with pottery, a wizard tome and the box.
> Harry and Henry can’t believe Bob is dead.
> Clyo tells Sheriff Hemlock the bad news.
> He explains Bob had no next of kin, he stayed at Rusty Dragon.
> Meanwhile Lethos has been arguing with a priest of Sarenrae.
> That’s when Theia drops on the church floor.
> The priests comes to her aid like a flock of vultures.
> He gives up, and goes to the local healer instead.


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