The Harrowing

The Harrowing: Summerized

From session 1 to 15

Session 1: 16.08.2014, Lyngdal
> Title: Survival
> Theia and Lilith are trapped in a smithy.
> Clyo helps them fight a goblin and hobgoblins.
> Find their equipment, escape to sewers.
> Fight a ghoul, rats and zombies.
> Get a gold brick and escape from sewers.

Session 2: 17.08.2014, Lyngdal.
> Title: The Big Reveal
> Follow river to get to civilization, hide from wolves.
> Get to Sandpoint, meet Foxglove and rest at White Deer Inn.
> Heal up, trade for supplies and investigate boneyard.
> Goblins attacked and stolen the remains of Ezakien Tobyn.
> Clyo hunts boards with Foxglove, rest at Rusty Dragon Inn.

Session 3: 30.08.2014, Lyngdal.
> Title: Painting the Town Dead
> Encounter Jubrayl Vhiski who wants help clearing out rats.
> He tricked them, but Theia and her serpents save the day.
> Help a lady kill a goblin in her home, also dead parent.
> Have a meeting about goblins w/ Sheriff, Mayor and a ranger.

Session 4: 05.09.2014, Feda.
> Title: Heaven’s Door
> Ameiko, who runs Rusty Dragon Inn, is missing. Letter.
> Struggle to enter glassworks, breaks a few laws.
> Encounter goblins, defeat them with help of Shirish.
> Interrogate Tsuto, end up accidentally killing him and Ameiko.

Session 5: 27.09.2014, Lyngdal.
> Title: Friendly Takeover
> Confess their crimes to Sheriff Hemlock, he helps cover it up.
> Start managing Rusty Dragon Inn, look at finances.
> Explore the catacombs below the glassworks.
> Encounter Faceless, who leaves a mark of Wrath on Theia.

Session 6: 04.10.2014, Lyngdal.
> Title: Kiss of Death
> Enter a dark room, a flying head kisses Lilith on her neck.
> Find out she will become like that creature; a vargouille.
> Look for cure, let Lilith find herself with help from local monk.
> Lilith leaves her body behind, a funeral is held.

Session 7: 18.10.2014, Lyngdal.
> Title: Dark Commands
> Set out to vanquish the evils in the catacombs.
> Recruit Guardsman Bob, Harry and Henry and Lethos & co.
> Encounter ghouls and draconic lady who kill Guardsman Bob.
> Loot dungeon, exploding boxes, party rests up seperately.

Session 8: 26.10.2014, Feda.
> Title: The Finer Points
> Lethos settles disputes with his underlings.
> Haggle with a stingy priest about the distribution of holy water.
> Cleanse the unholy water in catacomb, but not runewell.
> Contract with squashgoblin stable, travel to Thistletop.

Session 9: 18.01.2015, Feda.
> Title: Makes No Difference
> Shirish guards horses by Thistletop.
> Big fight against goblins, a bugbear and misc. ensues.
> Interrogate goblin who tells them leader is following a lady.
> Go across rope bridge, goblin tries to cut it, kill him.
> Enter goblin HQ, confront goblin leader.

Session 10: 25.01.2015, Feda.
> Title: Anger Directed Inwards
> Give goblin leader no option but to die, combat ensues.
> Explore dungeon, kill a giant Tentamort, a goon dies.
> Capture Lyrie, she leads them to the lady.
> Lady tells them the goblins are no longer a problem.
> Aura of madness envelops the party, Theia goes berserk.

Session 11: 08.02.2015, Mandal.
> Title: Confrontation
> Shirish, Harry & Henry carried Clyo and Theia to Sandpoint.
> Fredrik attempts to question Clyo, but she faints.
> He then finds Theia, but she won’t answer his questions.
> Next morning Sheriff tells them about a murder.
> Fredrik volunteers to help solve the case.

Session 12: 01.03.2015, Feda.
> Title: A Terrible Question
> Benny Harker and Katrine has been murdered at Lumbermill.
> Interrogate Ibor Thorn,who reveal they were cooking the books.
> The Vinder family tells them Katrine used to date Jubrayl.
> Visit the asylum, interrogate a masked man.
> He asks them what they truly want.

Session 13: 14.03.2015, Lyngdal.
> Title: Good Men Die
> Fredrik; purpose, Theia; conflict, Clyo; love
> Clyo unmasks the elf, surpresses the mask’s power.
> Execute a dying necromancer who was doing surgery on himself.
> Back in town they do a speak with dead ritual on Katrine.
> Victim at Fatman’s feedbag, interrogate Jubrayl Vhiski.
> Get the Mayor to travel with them to Thistletop.

Session 14: 25.04.2015, Mumble.
> Title: Bedeviled
> Travel to Thistletop with Mayor and meet up with Jubrayl.
> Get ambushed by brigands, they want the treasure.
> Clyo volunteers to show two brigands the treasure.
> Theia casts Black Tentacles that rapes everyone.
> Fredrik is the worst hostage negotiator ever.

Session 15: 29.04.2015, Mumble.
> Title: Paying a toll
> Clyo assesses their current predicatment, mayor Kendra is dead.
> The party wants to retrieve the treassure down in the dungeon.
> Clyo gets her hand ripped off by a Hermit Crab.
> They find a scrying portal showing a white werewolf beast.
> Theia retrieves a derpy undead horse from the sea.
> Party starts walking back to Sandpoint without their horses.


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